Everything I Know About Holiday Marketing, I Learned from a Christmas Card

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Every year, people receive a ton of mail during the holiday season—postcards, catalogs, bills, political flyers, coupons, and more. Every year, most of this mail goes straight into the garbage can. Except for the most highly valued letter of them all: the Christmas card

Maybe your organization sends out a holiday card to clients or customers every year. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, we can learn a lot about marketing campaign success from a humble Christmas card! Let’s unwrap holiday marketing together by taking a moment to think about what they mean to us. Here are five essential elements of a holly-jolly Christmas card that can teach us crucial lessons about holiday marketing!

1. People like to receive something for nothing during the holidays.

Who doesn’t love to find an unexpected Christmas card in the mail? It’s almost like receiving a little gift: It’s something that comes in brightly colored paper that you have to open, and it’s free! Similarly, your customers appreciate receiving something extra during the holidays. In addition to a nice card, consider offering discounts, special deals, or rewards that make your customers feel valued by your organization. 

2. You want to stand out on the mantelpiece.

During the holidays, Christmas cards pile up on mantelpieces and every card tries to outshine the others. Your holiday-season marketing campaign faces a similar challenge. So, how do you get noticed? It’s all about visual appeal. Design aesthetically pleasing, unique, and attention-grabbing content that stands out, attracting your customers to your brand. Dull Christmas cards are more likely to end up in the trash than fun or useful ones, and the same can be said for a marketing campaign.

3. Always spread joy at the holidays.

Everyone loves a Christmas card that lights up a face with its festive cheer. Emulate that joy in your holiday marketing strategy. Tailor your messages to spread happiness, emphasizing the warmth and positivity that the holidays bring. This resonates emotionally, turning your business into not just a sales outlet, but a source of community and festive spirit. Marketing that makes people feel good builds positive brand associations with your target audience. 

4. Timely delivery is crucial.

Just as a Christmas card loses its charm if it arrives on New Year’s, your holiday messages need to be on time. Strategize and plan in advance to ensure your campaign rolls out in a timely fashion. Early-bird offers or holiday count-down deals can create anticipation and increase engagement. In general, you want to reach your target audience when they’re in their holiday decision-making period, not after they’ve already made plans for the season. But don’t forget those last-minute shoppers, either—they need timely assistance more than most!

5. A touch of personalization goes a long way.

Receiving a Christmas card with a personalized message is what makes it special. Without that, it’s just a generic card. In the same way, personalized marketing communications significantly impact your customers. Use data to understand your customers’ preferences and tailor your messages accordingly, this creates a meaningful connection between your brand and your customers.

As simple as it may seem, a traditional Christmas card packs insightful lessons for your holiday marketing strategy. Remember these key elements, and you’ll be well on your way to delivering a stellar holiday marketing campaign. 

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Season’s Greetings!