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VIDEO PRODUCTION For this campaign, a video was essential to presenting the features and advantages of the RAVEN CNC. We planned, scripted, filmed, and edited three video segments that could be presented together or separately. This involved coordinating with a team to generate the 3D graphics, demonstration projects, voiceovers, and music selection. The below video […]

NthDS – AI Data Solutions

NthDS – AI Data Solutions NthDS Branding

NthDS, an AI software company, specializes in developing solutions for the oil and gas as well as logistics industries. They approached us at an initial phase with a cutting-edge technology that was complex to comprehend. Our team collaborated with them to simplify their system into easily understandable procedures using visuals. We also designed a strong brand identity that would leave a lasting impact and crafted an informative website to showcase their products. Furthermore, we created a comprehensive marketing plan to promote NthDS and attract potential customers by generating leads and increasing brand recognition.

Sculptor – Software Product Branding

Sculptor – Software Product Branding Sculpture Brand Development

The client wanted a dynamic brand system that would convey the software’s powerful capabilities and be appealing to the tech maker market. The mark also needed to used as a distinctive software icon. We developed several concepts for the client and ultimately arrived at a stylized S cutting though a dimensional circle like a river snaking through a canyon. From there, we developed an entire brand system to meet their needs, including a set of icons for their software user interface.

MAVN – Branding

MAVN – Branding Mavn Branding

During their startup phase, MAVN created a web-based online ordering system that could be seamlessly integrated as a white-label solution into any restaurant’s website. They approached us with a request to develop branding and a website that would effectively promote their concept to potential restaurant clients. Their desired look and feel was one that conveyed a sense of high technology and web-friendliness.