SEO Marketing Content Case Study: Angel Fultz Realty

Angel Fultz Realty content

The keys to search-engine optimized (SEO) marketing content that works are keyword research, fresh updates, and audience relevance. As seasoned marketing pros, Elevantics always uses these elements to guide the content marketing strategies we develop for our clients. The needs (and means) of every client are different, so we tailor every plan to achieve our clients’ goals as quickly as possible within their budget and timeline. 

The recent testament to this commitment is our recent successful collaboration with Angel Fultz Realty, a real estate company based in Houston, Texas. Angel Fultz Realty is a small agency that provides personalized service to its real estate clients. The goal of the company was to create relevant blog content that would help improve the business’s online searchability and search rankings for important keywords that could be easily shared to help keep Angel Fultz Realty top-of-mind with its contacts.

Content Strategy Development

Driven by our targeted approach, Elevantics developed a custom content strategy for Angel Fultz Realty, which centered around delivering four well-researched, comprehensive, and SEO-friendly blog posts per month. When Elevantics was hired, Angel Fultz Realty was using another marketing content provider. 

We showed our client a strategy that would produce more relevant content topics, denser keyword insertion, and improved web traffic. The client chose to go with Elevantics’ more robust offering even though it cost more than the content they were already receiving. 

Angel Fultz Realty

Quarterly Calendar Development

To ensure fluidity and strategic relevance in our content production, a quarterly editorial content calendar of blog topics was presented to our client. The topics, carefully curated and scheduled, tapped into various aspects of interest for real estate consumers in Houston, Texas, providing them with valuable, localized content. 

This was a big change from the service our client had been receiving from another provider. No longer would Angel Fultz Realty have to guess on what might make good topics. Instead, optimized topics would be provided by the pros at Elevantics based on market research and expertise.

Content Optimization

In every blog post, our skilled content and SEO team seamlessly integrated relevant search terms to improve online visibility. Utilizing data-driven methods, we ensured these keywords were ones that Angel Fultz Realty’s target audience is actively using in their online queries. In addition to our team’s decades of experience in devising relevant keywords, we have digital tools at our disposal to help make this process efficient and effective. 

Content Feedback Mechanics

Each week, blog posts were furnished to Angel Fultz Realty for their valuable insights and inputs. This iterative feedback mechanism underscored our commitment to client collaboration and transparency. Angel Fultz Realty suggests any changes, edits, or additions that their expertise on their clients’ needs demands. Elevantics returns the improved documents to our client within 24 hours. 

Blog Post Publishing

The final, approved blog posts are published by Elevantics on AngelFultzRealty.com using WordPress. Leveraging its user-friendly platform, we streamlined the posting process, ensuring timely upload and content layout optimization. Elements such as the new web page’s slug, featured image, alt image tags, categories, and more are tended to with care. Meanwhile, the team at Angel Fultz Realty can focus on what they do best, rather than the busywork of publishing blog content and search engine optimization. 

Content Sharing—Email Newsletters and Social Media

Furthermore, Angel Fultz Realty effectively spread the SEO-rich content among their audience base. The blog posts were shared via email newsletters and various social media posts, thereby increasing readership and online visibility and keeping the agency at top of mind with their digital contacts. 

Angel Fultz Realty chose to create their own e-newsletters and social media posts using the SEO blog content that Elevantics provided. However, we offer many customizable content plans that include social media posts and email marketing for clients that would prefer these tasks to be handled by seasoned marketing professionals. 

Content Marketing Results

The phone leads that Angel Fultz Realty received directly from blog posts increased by more than 100 percent after Elevantics took over the task. Engagement with the blog via the brand’s social media posts and email newsletters increased as well. Elevantics even received leads from other Houston Realtors who saw Angel Fultz Realty’s success and wanted SEO content marketing plans of their own! 

Elevantics prides itself on offering customizable SEO Marketing Content Plans. Angel Fultz Realty’s case reinforces our ability to empathize with brand needs, strategize optimal SEO techniques, and execute effective content plans. Our advanced SEO practices go beyond just getting your business ranked – we aim to drive targeted organic traffic to your website, positioning your brand as an industry authority.

This collaborative and customized approach reflects our commitment to driving success for our clients, no matter their needs or industry. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of what effective, customized SEO marketing can achieve!